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October 15, 2019

MOAA to Visit the New River Chapter

* A representative of MOAA National, COL Terri Coles, USA (Ret.) will be a guest at the October 15 meeting of the New River Chapter. Board members will meet with COL Coles for a briefing, followed by a general meeting of the Chapter at The Venue, the new community meeting place adjacent to the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce in West Jefferson, NC. Following the one hour meeting to which all members and representatives from the public as well as other veteran organizations in the county are invited, the attendees will retire to the Hotel Tavern at 6:30 PM for drinks - dutch treat - and a dinner to enjoy the camaraderie of like minded veterans!

* Please JOIN US!

Oct 8, 19/ Anonymous/ Chapter Event(s)/

October 20, 2015

Regular Membership Meeting

* The annual membership meeting was well attended by both regular members, spouses and honorary members and allowed for meaningful discussion on potential procedural changes, officer nominations and plans for the continued Chapter operations and management in 2016.

Feb 4, 15/ Anonymous/ Past Chapter Meetings/

October 21, 2014

Annual New River Chapter Meeting

* The annual membership meeting was held to discuss procedural changes and consider officer nominations leading into our continued Chapter operations and management in 2015.

* Check back to this link to read about information discussed at this meeting, as well as open/read/print documents that pertain to the on-going business of the New River Chapter.

Jan 24, 14/ Anonymous/ Past Chapter Meetings/