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Tue, Sep 29.20

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New River Current - Vol. XI

2020 Archive

* The final edition of the New River Current, dated June 30, 2020, our Chapter's award winning newsletter, has been posted here. Click on the "Download" link to open/read/print.

* Beginning in July 2020, New River Chapter news and happenings will be published via eNewsletters...Open here to read the eNewsletter posts.

Open the edition here.
mar 31, 20/ Anonymous/ Newsletters/

The Affiliate

The Monthly MOAA Newsletter for Council and Chapters

- The "Affiliate" is the monthly newsletter for MOAA Chapter's officers and committee chairpersons.

- Because of the large number of members within the many MOAA chapters nationwide, it is not economically feasible to send to ALL members.

- Read the on-line edition of the "Affiliate" at any time, here.

- All Chapters are encouraged to share information contained in the "Affiliate" with their membership.

Mar 21, 10/ captdouge/ Newsletters/

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


In addition to other BOD meeting minutes, a more thorough analysis of the Chapter is included as a document with an attachment that is intended to more fully examine the New River Chapter and map out the "road ahead!" from a July 9, 2020 board meeting held at the home of our Surviving Spouse, Barbara Sears.

The Road Ahead
Mar 24, 20/ Anonymous/ BOD Minutes/

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Benefits Information Brochure

Updated 3/2/10

* The attached file is a document for downloading to your computer which contains a myriad of Internet links and/or contact names and telephone numbers where benefit information is available.

* The PDF file topics are hyperlinked for ease of navigation.

* This is a dynamic file that will be updated frequently as the information changes or new information becomes available.

* Please contact the New River Chapter if you encounter a broken link, or want to recommend an additional site to be included in the pamphlet.

Credits (the following MOAA sites were used as reference points):

Green Valley Chapter, AZ

High Country Chapter, NC

MOAA National

Download a copy of the Benefits Information Pamphlet here:
Jan 22, 10/ captdouge/ Benefits/

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