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March 17, 2015

Regular Membership Meeting

* The first regular meeting of the New River Chapter featured Cathy Barr, Ashe County’s Director of Economic Development, who spoke about why the Work Force of Ashe County is considered one of North Carolina's Best Kept Secrets. It made us proud to hear how our people are leading the way with successful new industries, some of which are national industry leaders.

* This was the first regular meeting to be held at the Winner's Circle Restaurant in Jefferson, NC. The meeting time was also adjusted to 5:30 PM and allowed attendees the opportunity to have dinner from the many offerings on the dinner menu at the restaurant .

* The presentation began at 6:05 PM once everyone was served, and was also followed by a lively question and answer session for Mrs. Barr.

* Following the speaker, a Chapter meeting was held to inform the members in attendance of the business discussed at the Board of Directors meeting.

* The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Feb 4, 15/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Meetings/

March 18, 2014

Predicting Mountain Weather, Old Time Way

* A NOT TO BE MISSED program helped kick-off the New River Chapter regular programming schedule for 2014.

* Mr. Joe Mullis, Old Time Weather Predictor whose heritage as a Native American and of Melungeon ethnicity, as well as growing up deep in the Appalachians and its role in his learning pre-scientific methods of predicting weather was our guest speaker

* Joe helped us understand how to be better protected from changes in our Ashe County and North Carolina weather patterns.

* The Board of Directors met at 5:30 PM at the Coffee House on the Backstreet. Open/read minutes from the BOD and regular meeting under Documents.

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March 19, 2013

Regular Membership Meeting

* The regular meeting schedule for the New River Chapter got underway with a wonderful program presented by Barbara Sears, Personal Affairs Chair.

* Barbara, appropriately clothed in traditional native dress, recounted her travels with the USNA Alumni Association to several locales in South Africa, starting in Capetown and traveling to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, a three day train ride to Victoria Falls and the Chobe Game Preserve before returning to Johannesburg and heading home.

* Along with her fascinating presentation on many of the cultural and post-Apartheid changes in the country, Barbara spoke about the conditions endured by President Nelson Mandela during the many years he spent on Robbin Island, South Africa's equivalent to Alcatraz.

* Her presentation was also accompanied by a beautiful slide presentation that kept everyone's attention for over an hour at our first meeting.

* Regular Membership Meetings will again return to the Coffee House on the Backstreet in May as we will be enjoying a "road trip" in April. Be sure to click on the April calendar link to learn all about it!

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