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November 11, 2019

Hacksaw Ridge - Reprise of Movie Showing

The New River Chapter of the Military Officer Association of America will present a reprise showing of the award winning film, Hacksaw Ridge, at the Parkway Theater in West Jefferson, NC on three nights, beginning with Veterans Day, November 11, and continuing on November 12 and 13. The daily showings will be at 7:00 PM and are free but persons wanting to attend should visit the Ashe Chamber Visitor Center and request ticket(s) for one of the performances to ensure adequate seating.

Oct 8, 19/ Anonymous/ Chapter Event(s)/

November 17, 2018

New River Chapter Holiday Party

The regular meeting of the New River Chapter was our holiday party and was held at Barbara Sears' home on November 17th...this was a date decided upon by our BOD to defeat ol' man winter who had brought cold and snow to prior years parties resulting in cancellations. Although icy weather occurred on the two days before, the weather on Saturday was characteristic of what is generally ideal for advertising by a town's Chamber of Commerce...that's probably due to the fact that West Jefferson was holding it's annual Christmas parade!!

* Pictured above right were party goers (top down): Hostess Barbara Sears, John Lorentz, Cathy Ehrhardt, Dillis Lorentz, Gloria Block, Jim Block, Mannon Eldreth, Kathy Griffin, Morris, Griffin, Mik Mikulan, Jim Cain, Robin Mikulan and Doug Ehrhardt.

* Pictured below right has Earl Inge standing where Doug was as they exchanged photographer duties!

* A big Chapter welcome is extended to potential new member, John Lorentz and his wife, Dillis, whose name was forwarded by Jim Gee after a social meeting in WJ.

* Open the thumbnail pictures (right) to see the scrumptuous goodies brought by chapter members so that a "good time was had by all"! Thanks to Mik Mikulan for the photos.

* Be sure to see pictures from our members decorating our PATRIOTIC entry for the Ashe County festival of trees by clicking here.

Nov 17, 18/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/