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Wed, Mar 03.21

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This file has the 2020 posted e-Newsletters containing information on New River Chapter news and happenings!

Information regarding the New River Chapter's on-going events and happenings will be published with e-Newsletters going forward...the newsletter archives have been taken down for editorial reasons. Anyone wishing to see a prior newsletter can send the web manager a request by e-mail with the "Contact Us " link.

Read the current eNewsletter.
07/12/20/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Newsletters/

The Affiliate

The Monthly MOAA Newsletter for Council and Chapters

- The "Affiliate" is the monthly newsletter for MOAA Chapter's officers and committee chairpersons.

- Because of the large number of members within the many MOAA chapters nationwide, it is not economically feasible to send to ALL members.

- Read the on-line edition of the "Affiliate" at any time, here.

- All Chapters are encouraged to share information contained in the "Affiliate" with their membership.

Mar 21, 10/ captdouge/ Newsletters/