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New River Chapter Celebrating Hole Lotta Donuts
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Doug Ehrhardts Hail to the Chef Honorary Apron
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September 22, 2020

* If you weren't with us, you probably don't know that BOTM = Breakfast on the Mountain!

* Some 20 + adventurous New River Chapter members embarked on an early morning BOTM outing atop Mount Jefferson State Park in West Jefferson...

* Before the pancakes, scrambled eggs and link sausages were ready, breakfast goers enjoyed an unbelievable assortment of specialty donuts and fritters courtesy of Butch Phillips, Hole Lotta Donuts in West Jefferson...thanks Butch!

* Dining on the different breakfast goodies prepared over charcoal fired barbeque pits made for a lot of special, gourmet foods...nothing's better than blueberry pancakes cooked on an ourdoor grill!

* The outing was described as the 1st Annual BOTM, so stand by for a repeat performance in 2021! Until then, open the assortment of photographs, and additional images, displayed above.

Pictured (L to R):

First row - Mary Knapp, Charles Knapp, Cathy Ehrhardt, Frances Goodhart and Jim Cain.

Second row - Jim Block, Gail Schuette, Ron Schuette, Don Goodhart, Doug Ehrhardt, Steve Tucker, Jim Need, Sharon Need, Bob Worley, Bobbie Worley, Mik Mikulan and Bill Stephens.