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Marathon Jam 2017

May 20, 2017

* The "2nd Annual Marathon Jam" hosted by the New River Chapter at the Ashe County Arts Council was held on May 20, 2017...the poster (above right) was utilized all around Ashe County to advertise the event, which garnered $3053.00 in donations that will be shared between the Fisher Houses at Camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg, NC.

* Barbara Sears (lower right), New River Chapter chair of Personal Affairs, and Surviving Spouse Liaison, was principal in ensuring that this years Jam was a success.

* Scroll over the thumbnail pictures (right) to see photographs of the many musicians who came to Jam, as well as the select group of "Iron Pickers" who performed for all 12 hours of the event, including: (pictured L to R) Chris Binkowski, Earl Inge, Steven Burns, Catalina Burns, Vance Archer and Kenny Loftis.

* Also shown are many of the quilts made by the local quilters guild and donated to the Jam for use in recognizing veterans and wrapping them in warmth to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

* Follow the below link to open/view photographs of the veterans who were recognized each hour during the 12 hours of the Jam...

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