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New River Chapter Regular Meeting

May 20, 2021 @ 1730

* The New River Chapter's Board of Directors has prepared a calendar of events for our membership in 2021 beginning with a Thursday evening "Meet and Greet" to be held at the exciting new location for The Tavern (formerly the Sears store) in West Jefferson, NC @ 1730. This first gathering of our membership will be an opportunity for all to renew acquaintances and maybe even meet new people.

* In lieu of a regular gathering with a more traditional dining experience, the Chapter has reserved the use of the small dining room at the Tavern where attendees can order their own drinks from the bar - beer, wine or cocktails - and numerous delicious hors-d'oeuvres will be available on tables in the meeting space.

* Join us at 1730 on May 20th for a return to "normal" activities with the New River Chapter after a L-O-N-G absence that was necessitated by COVID-19.

* We look forward to having many of our members come out and help us to launch a "GREAT" 2021 for the New River Chapter, and remember, bring a friend or acquaintance especially if he/she is in our eligible field of participants (any veteran who is or was in one of the seven commissioned branches of the military).

The Tavern Restaurant, 203 East 1st St West Jefferson, NC