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2nd Quarter, 2020 "New River Current" Newsletter will be a Final Farewell!

The Newsletter to be replaced by regularly posted "e-Newsletters"

* Due to the operation and maintenance, as well as time needed for the creation of the New River Current newsletter, the Board of Directors regrettably accepted a request to lessen some of the burden of the editor (also the website manager) in keeping everyone connected to our Chapter.

* This is one we can't blame on COVID-19!

* Be on the lookout in the future wherein you will be receiving e-mails marked as "important news" and which will contain many stories and posts of exciting and timely New River Chapter events.

* We promise not to "clog your email inbox" but will strive to ensure that you are staying abreast with the activities of our Chapter, as well as news coming down from National MOAA.

* Thanks for your interest and continuing support of our New River Chapter!