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1570454185 / 14/ hot

William "Lee" Eller

Another Veteran Quilt Recognition

Mr. William Lee Eller, “Lee”, served in the U. S. Army from 1944-1946 in the Infantry as a Rifleman. He had wanted to join the Navy, but was drafted into the Army. Enroute to Belgium on a troop ship he decided that he was certainly glad that he hadn’t joined the Navy! His company was 100 miles from Berlin when it was ordered to Czechoslovakia. The troops were not prepared for the weather they faced in Czechoslovakia- zero degree temperatures, snow and icy ground. They had no boots nor cold weather gear until General Patton ordered it for them. I asked him if there was a big celebration when he returned to the U. S. and he recalled that upon returning to Ft. Bragg in 1946 the local Coca-Cola bottling company gave each soldier a bottle of cold Coca-Cola to take on the train as they traveled home!

Thanks, Lee!