MOAA Military Family Initiative $25 in '15

MOAA Military Family Initiative

$25 in '15

* The MOAA Military Family Initiative's $25-in-‘15 campaign ends on December 31, 2015. Are you in?

* The annual $25-in-’15 campaign, hosted by the MOAA Military Family Initiative (MMFI), is a challenge to every MOAA member to contribute at least $25 once annually in direct support of MOAA's 14 Initiative-supported programs. These programs reflect the urgent needs of the nation’s military families in five critical areas: career transition, VA disability and survivor claims, warrior family reintegration, military spouse programs and financial education outreach. By the close of 2015, these 14 programs will have touched the lives of over 75,000 military families.

* If one-third of all MOAA members made a single $25 donation to MMFI just once each year, every program would be fully paid for.... If every MOAA member contributed $25 just once each year, the Initiative would be able to fully fund all national MOAA military family programs every year and make annual grants totaling $6 million to help vital military family initiatives at the community level throughout the nation.

* Giving Tuesday is one of the very best ways to support the $25-in-‘15 campaign during the holiday season. Now one of the biggest single philanthropic events worldwide, Giving Tuesday will happen on December 1, 2015. MOAA members, their families and friends, and the general public can help make a difference in the lives of the nation’s remarkably deserving military families just by going to and making an online donation.

* Friendly Competition to Support Military Programs

* This year, to add a bit of competitive fun to MOAA's Giving Tuesday event, MOAA will recognize in the March issue of Military Officer the state council (or group of MOAA chapters, if there is no council in the winning state) from which MOAA receives the highest number and greatest amount of online donations between Giving Tuesday and December 31, 2015. There will be two state winners: 1. Top State, Online MOAA Member Participation and 2. Top State, Total Online Contributions. Here are the rules:

- Top State, Online MOAA Member Participation - Determined by dividing the number of national MOAA member online donations from each participating state by the total number of national MOAA members in that state. This creates a level playing field for all states.

- Top State, Total Online Contributions - Determined by calculating the total amount raised online on Giving Tuesday by each participating state.

- For the purposes of the competition, only online donations made during the 24-hour period of December 1 count.

* For those 1,500 of you that have already graciously joined the $25-in-’15 campaign, thank you! Your commitment to never stop serving by supporting our nation’s military families is an example for all. For those of you who haven’t yet joined this year’s campaign, will you take the leap on Giving Tuesday?


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Rear Admiral Scott L. Sears, USN Memorial Scholarship Program

Rear Admiral Scott L. Sears, USN Memorial Scholarship Program

Persons wanting to learn more about our Chapter's fundraising scholarship program, or wanting to purchase or donate to the fund, can now link directly to the category on our web pages menu - to the left.

To go to the category now, click on the below link.

Link: Click here:

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VA Welcome Kit

VA Welcome Kit

* One complaint that Veterans have voiced about the VA is their uncertainty as to where to begin in order to receive services and supports.

* VA’s myriad of services, resources, and materials can be daunting. Therefore, the VA listened and released a Welcome Kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services that they have earned.

* The VA Welcome Kit is user-friendly and addresses eligibility and benefits in six areas:

- Health Care,

- Finances,

- Housing,

- Employment,

- Education,

- Memorialization.

* Based on Veteran’s stage of life, Veterans can figure out how the VA can help in the present and future.

* Veterans can download a copy of the Welcome Kit for their convenience by clicking here.

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Ilario Pantano, NC Division Director of Veterans Affairs July 21, 2015

Ilario Pantano, NC Division Director of Veterans Affairs

July 21, 2015

* Follow this post to read about the regular meeting of the New River Chapter which featured Ilario Pantano, Director of the NC Division of Veterans Affairs.

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Memorial Day, Boone Mall, Boone, NC May 25, 2015

Memorial Day, Boone Mall, Boone, NC

May 25, 2015

* Presented here are a medley of service songs (music only, no pictures - Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force and Navy) played by the Watauga Community Band at today's Memorial Day celebration at the Boone Mall hosted by the High Country Chapter, Military Officers Association of America. Thanks to all our Armed Forces Veterans - those in attendance, those not in attendance and those who've made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation...


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Gulf War Claims

* According to U.S Dept of Veterans Affairs, the extended date for filing a Gulf War disability claim is now Dec. 31, 2016.

* Please visit for more information. There is also a Gulf War Registry Health exam for Veterans so contact your local VA environmental Heath Coordinator about getting this exam.

Contact information for NC:

Charles George VA Medical Center

1100 Tunnel RD

Asheville, NC 28805

Coordinator is:

Sharon Shivers

828-298-7911 x3914



* W.G.(Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center

1601 Brenner Ave.

Salisbury, NC 28144

Coordinator is:

Patricia Brown

704-638-900 x 2576

On the site (below), search for Gulf war disability claims. Much more information related to Gulf War research can be found there and who may be eligible for compensation.

Link: Click here:

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