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  New River Chapter : JOIN NOW!: Information on joining the New River Chapter


Join the New River Chapter, MOAA

* Information about MOAA, the New River Chapter and the eligibility requirements for membership are discussed fully under FAQs.

* Persons interested in JOINING TODAY can click here for a downloadable form which can be filled out in two ways:

1) Complete the form on your computer by clicking on each of the highlighted boxes...when finished, print two (2) copies. Save one for your file and send the other to the address indicated. Chapter membership dues are waived for the 1st year of membership; however, individuals are encouraged to hold membership in MOAA; a field for entering one's MOAA number can be found on the form.

2) Print the blank form and fill it out long-hand; submit as indicated above.

Open a membership application here.
Posted: 01/07/15 17:22 by Douglas Ehrhardt under "Organization"