MOAA Leadership Award Presentation May 9, 2012

MOAA Leadership Award Presentation

May 9, 2012

* The New River Chapter presented the National MOAA Leadership Award to Cadet 1st Lieutenant Justin Michael Scarborough at the Ashe County High School.

* Selected by the unit commander, the MOAA JROTC medal recognizes an outstanding cadet in his or her next-to-last year of the program who shows exceptional potential for military leadership, is in good academic standing, is of of high moral character and evinces a high order of loyalty to his unit, school and country.

* Pictured to the right is Cadet 1st Lieutenant Scarborough and New River Chapter President, retired Navy Captain Doug Ehrhardt.

* Mouse over the thumbnail photographs for some additional pictures taken at the presentation ceremony.

- Thumbnail #1 - President Doug Ehrhardt pins the National MOAA Leadership Medal on Cadet Scarborough.

- Thumbnail #2 - Presentation of the award certificate.

- Thumbnail #3 - Cadet Scarborough with New River Chapter officers (L to R), 1st Vice President Charles Knapp, COL, USA-Ret., Captain Ehrhardt, and Secretary/Treasurer Ken Lynn, LtCol, USAF-Ret.

- Thumbnail #4 - New River Chapter Auxiliary member, Barbara Sears, who will serve as an honorary member on a selection committee for our Chapter's future memorial scholarship program to honor Rear Admiral Scott L. Sears, USN-Ret.

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