New River Chapter Summer Picnic August 11, 2012

New River Chapter Summer Picnic

August 11, 2012

* Twenty seven members and guests enjoyed a beautiful Saturday on the New River at the Riverside Park and Picnic Pavilion on Jefferson Landing.

* Pictured left to right is Chapter 1st Vice President Charles Knapp sharing a sea story with LCDR-Ret. Jim Gee, USN and Maj-Ret. Lee Eldreth, USA in front of our Chapter flag display.

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Mannon Eldreth, Karen Strickland and Monica Madden-Lynn

Rose Koontz and Joan Horner

Dan Strickland regaling Ken Lynn with a fish story?? "Really, it had to be this long!"

Mannon Eldreth and Linda Gee

Guests Mary and Les Jacobs with Mary Knapp and Joan and Rose in the background

Lining up for all the wonderful goodies: Cathy Ehrhardt, Mannon Eldreth, Barbara Sears with granddaughter Beatrix Lavigueur and Chapter Director at Large, Lou Burge

Picnic barbeque chef extraordinaire, Ron Schuette

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