Marathon Jam May 21, 2016
Marathon Jam

Marathon Jam

May 21, 2016

* Ashe County’s New River Chapter of the Military Officers Association of American brought the first annual acoustic music Marathon Jam to Ashe County. A community service, the Jam was held with the cooperation and support of the member veteran’s organizations of the Ashe County Veteran’s Coalition and partnership of the Ashe County Arts Council, USAA, Rooster Ridge Arts, and Marathon Jam’s founder musician John Santa.

* Pictured below right, a Marathon Jam quilt is hung at the entrance to the Ashe County Arts Council on the 21st of May.

* Mouse over the thumbnail photographs to see additional photographs from the 1st Annual Ashe County Marathon Jam.

* Below, open a downloadable file that details what a Marathon Jam is and how to participate/get involved.

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