MOAA New Chapter Member Recruitment Program 2013

MOAA New Chapter Member Recruitment Program


* The Military Officers Association of America has implemented a new program that is intended to support Chapters with increasing their membership numbers.

* The Give Me 10 (GMT) efforts of the past several years has been discontinued effective January 2013. Although the GMT program was successful in raising the total number of MOAA members, it still did not address the lack of growth at the chapter level...this new effort is a means to reach out to the over 300K MOAA members who do not have a chapter affiliation.

Open and read the attached documents from MOAA that deal with the planning and implementation of the new Chapter Recruitment effort.

In addition to more fully describing the programs goals and means to reward increasing chapter membership (2013 Membership Program), there is also a description of the new membership levels and benefits (2013 New Membership Model).

Link: Click here to read about the program on MOAA's website:

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MOAA - 2013 Membership Program (pdf 232 Kb)
MOAA - 2013 New Membership Model (pdf 51.2 Kb)

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