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New River Chapter Calendar of Events

New River Chapter Calendar of Events
New Rive Chapter 2022 Calendar of Events

The 2022 New River Calendar of Events is a post that can be downloaded here...open and print a copy for your own reference - or better yet, display it on your refrigerator - so you can plan to attend as many activities as possible and share camaraderie with fellow New River Chapter veterans.

5/7/22/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Current Year Meeting(s)/

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July 14, 2022

New River Chapter July Social Gathering

The New River Chapter will host a regular monthly meeting in July by gathering for a social dining event at The Tavern in West Jefferson. The Tavern is once again offering outdoor dining on the patio, weather permitting of course, so we look to arrive early, e.g., 4:30 for ordering drinks and then follow with a meal of your choosing, and in that way we hopefully can be seated in close proximity to one another!

Mark your calendar and we hope to see you on the 14th!

07/07/22 20:45/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Current Year Meeting(s)/