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May 28, 2022

New River Chapter Honored Veterans with Music at the Ashe Civic Center

New River Chapter Honored Veterans with Music at the Ashe Civic Center
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Music Honoring Ashe County Veterans publicity poster.

On May 28, 2022, the New River Chapter hosted a music event - Music Honoring Ashe County Veterans - at the Ashe Civic Center from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

Formerly our Marathon Jam, this was our first fund raising opportunity to support the Fisher Houses of NC since we had to cancel Jams in 2020 and 2021.

The program featured four local musicians/music groups and local veterans were honored with the presentation of "Healing Quilts" donated by the Ashe Piecemakers Quilt Guild.

There was $10 admission and all proceeds will benefit the Fisher Houses of NC at Camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg.

Follow this link to view photographs from the event...
6-30-22/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

May 14, 2022

New River Chapter Provides Support to the New River Marathon

Dedicated volunteers from our Chapter provide support each year to the New River Marathon!

As in previous years, we will man a watering station at the junction of Railroad Grade Road and the entrance to the Skyland Waters development in Ashe County. Additionally, we will have a person stationed at the intersection of Railroad Grade Road and Castleford Road to ensure that all marathoners TURN RIGHT!

Let's all hope for dry weather between 0700 and 1230 on May 14th as well as NO WIND...it's really hard to fill cups with water when there are strong breezes at the watering site!

New River Marathon Web Page
05/08/22 21:36/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

November 21, 2021

New River Chapter's Holiday Gathering

New River Chapter's Holiday Gathering
See Chapter Holiday images of our 20+ attendees...the end to a great year!

* The New River Chapter's Holiday celebration was held on Sunday, November 21st at West Jefferson's Ashe County Arts Council from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

* As always, Chapter members needed no encouragement to bring yummy side dishes and desserts to share with fellow party goers. Also there were many holiday libations to help Chapter members and spouses to celebrate.

* Link to the many photographs from the Chapter social shown in the above attached images.


10/21/21 13:40/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

September 23, 2021

Chapter Social Gathering

This month’s meeting will be held at The Tavern, our regular meeting site starting with drinks at 4:30 PM followed by your own dining selection.

Read the posting in Documents from our website.

Open the eNewletter post here:
09/19/21 16:39/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

August 21, 2021

Annual New River Chapter Picnic

It's time to gather again and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow New River Chapter MOAA members...

Click the attached download file, "210821 - Annual Picnic Social" for Instructions and directions and plan to spend an enjoyable afternoon at the home of Barbara Sears.


08/08/21 21:20/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

July 14, 2020

New River Chapter Social - DINING OUT CANCELLED!

* As COVID-19 continues to plague our world, the Chapter's planned social gathering on 14 July at 6 PM (1800 hours) at Winners Circle in Jefferson has had to be cancelled

* Winner's Circle owner, Linda made us aware that due to the changes in the NC Governor's re-opening plan, the dining out where we would have hoped to be able to stay socially segregated in groups of 10 people or less in order to be able to enjoy the camaraderie of each other has to be cancelled.

* Linda informed us that if anyone who would be in our planned group were to test positive, it would have resulted in the Winner's Circle having to be closed for deep cleaning and that would impact the restaurant being able to allow their ability to continue to provide take-out orders !

* It is unfortunate that, once again, our opportunity to meet as a Chapter has been delayed, BUT we WILL be looking to have our August Picnic at the lower pavilion in the Ashe County Park behind the library!

* See the below link for that announcement!

06/23/20/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

November 11, 2019

Hacksaw Ridge - Reprise of Movie Showing

The New River Chapter of the Military Officer Association of America will present a reprise showing of the award winning film, Hacksaw Ridge, at the Parkway Theater in West Jefferson, NC on three nights, beginning with Veterans Day, November 11, and continuing on November 12 and 13. The daily showings will be at 7:00 PM and are free but persons wanting to attend should visit the Ashe Chamber Visitor Center and request ticket(s) for one of the performances to ensure adequate seating.

Oct 8, 19/ Anonymous/ Chapter Event(s)/

October 15, 2019

MOAA to Visit the New River Chapter

* A representative of MOAA National, COL Terri Coles, USA (Ret.) will be a guest at the October 15 meeting of the New River Chapter. Board members will meet with COL Coles for a briefing, followed by a general meeting of the Chapter at The Venue, the new community meeting place adjacent to the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce in West Jefferson, NC. Following the one hour meeting to which all members and representatives from the public as well as other veteran organizations in the county are invited, the attendees will retire to the Hotel Tavern at 6:30 PM for drinks - dutch treat - and a dinner to enjoy the camaraderie of like minded veterans!

* Please JOIN US!

Oct 8, 19/ Anonymous/ Chapter Event(s)/

May 18, 2019

Marathon Jam 2019

Marathon Jam 2019
The JAM Poster used to advertise the special event

* The New River Chapter hosted the 2019 Marathon Jam on Saturday, May 18th at the Ashe County Arts Council building in West Jefferson.

* The Jam provides a venue for musicians - all levels of experience and selection of instruments - who are welcome to come and enjoy "pickin' and grinnin' " with others from noon to midnight.

* Musicians are always encouraged to seek sponsors who are willing to pledge monies for their time of performing and all proceeds raised will be used to help support the Fisher Houses at Camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

* During the course of the day, breaks are held to recognize Ashe County Veterans for their service and presentations are made to them with "healing quilts" which are provided by the Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Pictured below right, is one of the quilts presented to a Veteran at the 2018 Jam.

Apr 15, 19/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/

November 17, 2018

New River Chapter Holiday Party

The regular meeting of the New River Chapter was our holiday party and was held at Barbara Sears' home on November 17th...this was a date decided upon by our BOD to defeat ol' man winter who had brought cold and snow to prior years parties resulting in cancellations. Although icy weather occurred on the two days before, the weather on Saturday was characteristic of what is generally ideal for advertising by a town's Chamber of Commerce...that's probably due to the fact that West Jefferson was holding it's annual Christmas parade!!

* Pictured above right were party goers (top down): Hostess Barbara Sears, John Lorentz, Cathy Ehrhardt, Dillis Lorentz, Gloria Block, Jim Block, Mannon Eldreth, Kathy Griffin, Morris, Griffin, Mik Mikulan, Jim Cain, Robin Mikulan and Doug Ehrhardt.

* Pictured below right has Earl Inge standing where Doug was as they exchanged photographer duties!

* A big Chapter welcome is extended to potential new member, John Lorentz and his wife, Dillis, whose name was forwarded by Jim Gee after a social meeting in WJ.

* Open the thumbnail pictures (right) to see the scrumptuous goodies brought by chapter members so that a "good time was had by all"! Thanks to Mik Mikulan for the photos.

* Be sure to see pictures from our members decorating our PATRIOTIC entry for the Ashe County festival of trees by clicking here.

Nov 17, 18/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Chapter Event(s)/