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New River Chapter Veterans Recognition Program

New River Chapter Veterans Recognition Program

* Started in June 2014, the New River Chapter veteran's recognition program strives to focus attention on the service of veterans in our Chapter catchment area - the counties of Ashe, Allegheny and Wilkes in North Carolina.

* The genesis for this effort was provided by the Chapter's President who learned of the concept from his Navy mentor, CAPT-Ret. Lance Sholdt, MSN USN who has made more than 100 presentations in his vet-hospice program in AZ...thanks Lance!

* Upon nomination, a veterans name is researched for the purpose of determining the members branch of service, unit and dates of service.

* When convenient to the veteran and his/her family, a visit is scheduled whereby at least two officers from the New River Chapter - if available, one being from the nominees service - present the award certificate of appreciation and a token of service.

* As veterans are recognized by our Chapter through this program, the name, service, unit and dates of service will be posted on this site along with a copy of the award certificate.

- Program description - name, purpose, description and award ceremony details.

- Submit the name of a veteran for recognition.

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